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Could This Be Love PT 2 - VO

Marriage is the legal and official union between lovers; and nothing can generally justify a marriage except love. But some stories seem to be an exception to this rule such as in “CURD THIS BE LOVE”. Indeed, Emma Anyaka, throughout this film, depicts the life of simisola. A young man who satisfies Jeunesse's curiosity all the same is that he loved the life of a village man with all that it had by marriage. Discover his curiosity. We wonder if it could be love. Through this story we are led to shed light on the foundations of marriage.


Film's duration57min
  • Emma Anyaka
  • Calista Okoronkwo
  • Sam Sunny
  • Chinenye Uyanna
  • Tommy Oyewole
  • Adebisi Fasakin
  • Chikadibia Afamefuna
Production date2018