Access to the content of the Service is offered as part of the subscription to a tacitly renewable daily or weekly subscription with no duration commitment.


A. Pricing conditions (Rates excluding connection cost):

Mobile Network Operator Payment:

In the event of payment by Mobile Carrier payment, the User will be invoiced by his MNO:

  • i.e.10 ZAR TTC (Excluding VAT) per day if its operator is MTN or Vodacom, the first day being free. The promotional offer for the first day is valid only once, when the subscription is first subscribed

The price indicated does not include any additional cost related to the Internet connection, which will be invoiced by the MNO.

The service subscribed to is unlimited.
The User has unlimited access to view Content(s) and/or to download Content(s) or leisure content(s).

B. Free Trial

When you purchase your subscription to the Services, and when available, you may receive a free trial during the period as described in the Services offering. Your first payment will be taken immediately after the free trial, unless you cancel your subscription in accordance with the cancellation instructions set forth in Section 6 hereof. You also have the option to cancel your subscription at any time before the free trial ends.